Isaac Flores is a fierce warrior of a human clocking in at 4’8’’ with 26 rods in his back and a story that defies all odds. 

After his parents were told he wouldn’t live past age 2, he went on to experience 40 surgeries by the age of 3, 30+ more surgeries throughout his lifetime and was almost paralyzed by one of his many back surgeries. 

After meeting Lyonel in 2017 he’s now able to walk and move better than ever before, not to mention master Lyonel’s most advanced techniques. 

This experience grew a fire in him to show people you can overcome any adversity, no matter what your circumstances!

A fantastic example of what’s possible with Lyonel’s alternative methods, Isaac often surprises the largest, strongest members at the gym by outperforming them.

He loves bringing strength, hope and motivation to people on their journey to becoming the physically restored – and often improved – version of yourself this team knows you can be.

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