Born in Haiti with tight dreads reaching mid-back, Lyonel is not your average Miami fitness coach – that’s why your results with him are far from average as well.

His fitness journey started when he was 16 years old after graduating from high school and becoming the go-to guy for getting fit. 

Over the next four decades he would grow and develop his skill set in the US Army, as a track & field coach, Soccer coach, Rowing coach, Volleyball coach, Football coach, gaining 20+ certifications in other forms of fitness and nutrition and developing his skills and knowledge as a Master Body Mechanics Practitioner. 

As a constant student of every form of fitness, Lyonel’s breadth of knowledge and experience gives him a unique set of techniques to help you FEEL better no matter your age or background. 

Always one to do things differently, Lyonel quickly realized he wasn’t interested in the standard gym owner’s dream to step away from his gym while it made money auto charging members $100/month without him. 

He finds it far more fulfilling to take an active role in helping his clients avoid surgery and do all the physical things they’ve been told they will never be able to do again, like he was told by his doctors after he got hit by a car in 2008. If they could only see him now! 😉

Clients know him for telling it like it is – he will never bullshit you and has worked with enough clients to know when you’re bullshitting him and will call you on it. 

He coaches with a motivating mixture of grace, understanding, hard work and knowledge that gets you results and deeper understanding of your body and how it works. 

Everyone who works with him inevitably improves physically as well as mentally once they realize how interconnected the two really are.



Eileen was scheduled for her fourth knee surgery when she met Lyonel in 2018 and was experiencing constant, almost unbearable pain in her knees that had caused her to gain a lot of unwanted weight. 

She was always active throughout her life and doctors told her it was likely the cause behind her no longer being able to do lunges, squats and that she needed multiple surgeries to no longer be in pain. 

Lyonel told her to hold off on surgery #4 and instead, work with him for a few months in order to fix the issue. 

One month later, after correcting her movement patterns and making her stronger – her knee pain was completely gone and that 4th knee surgery never took place. 

She also lost body fat – which is a great bonus! But at that point losing weight paled in comparison to all of the other improvements and activities she could do once again without pain. 

After experiencing this literally life changing transformation with Lyonel, she became a certified coach, expert Body Mechanic, gym assistant and his administrative right hand.  

There’s nothing she enjoys more than helping new clients and witnessing them overcome the physical adversities and enjoy life at a level they no longer thought possible – just like her!



Isaac Flores is a fierce warrior of a human clocking in at 4’8’’ with 26 rods in his back and a story that defies all odds. 

After his parents were told he wouldn’t live past age 2, he went on to experience 40 surgeries by the age of 3, 30+ more surgeries throughout his lifetime and was almost paralyzed by one of his many back surgeries. 

After meeting Lyonel in 2017 he’s now able to walk and move better than ever before, not to mention master Lyonel’s most advanced techniques. 

This experience grew a fire in him to become a Master Body Mechanic and show people you can overcome any adversity, no matter what your circumstances!

A fantastic example of what’s possible with Lyonel’s alternative methods, Isaac often surprises the largest, strongest members at the gym by outperforming them.

He loves bringing strength, hope and motivation to people on their journey to becoming the physically restored – and often improved – version of yourself this team knows you can be.