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Queen of Hearts K3
Queen of Hearts K3
Not only has Lyonel helped me bounce back after chronic pain from a back injury, but he helped change my mindset about fitness and my overall health. His team of coaches are top notch and always work to push us all to our potential while creating a safe and fun environment to learn and grow together. Lyonstrong has changed my life and I will forever be grateful for Lyonel, Eileen and Isaac!
Lawrence-Christopher Finley Sr
Lawrence-Christopher Finley Sr
Looking for an alternative to the sounds of weights being thrown around, waiting in line for equipment, and no personal attention? Enroll here for a body and mind workout focused on recovery, evolution, and progression. The average age is 50, with no judgments passed. The price of quality versus quantity is well worth it. Ask for your one-time 30% enrollment discount from Lyonel from L-C until December 2023.
Roberto Moreno
Roberto Moreno
Lyonstrong, best fitness program ever, Lyonel is an excellent trainer and coach, very dynamic, passionate and dedicated to his craft. Being with Lyonel for ever and the change he has brought to my lifestyle, body and eating habits is something I would not change for anything in the world. Come and join him
Martin Johnson
Martin Johnson
First, I would like to say that i am not a gym rat. I am 60 years old, and i haven't been to a gym since High School. My girlfriend is a fitness person, and she came for a few months and didn't invite me to come until she was sure this would be the best place for me. i had back surgery in my 20's and just kept weight off to protect my back. i was very hesitant about working out. Four months later, here i am pain free and injury free. My range of movement, strength and flexibility have increased exponentially. Lyonel's whole attitude of using full muscle groups instead of singular exercises has me pleasantly surprised. No kidding...this is hard work, but i am amazed how easy it is to stick with it under the guidance of Lyonel and Isaac. I came in skeptical, and now i am amazed. Plus everybody is really nice and its a great community of people. My girlfriend and i always look forward to coming.
Laura Larsen
Laura Larsen
I found LyonStrong through a trusted movement professional’s story on IG. Although living most of my life as a “healthy” person, I was diagnosed with arthritis and osteoporosis in my hips. I am 58 years old. Weight training seemed like the right thing to do, but didn’t really appeal to me AT ALL. Lyonel interviews all his prospective clients first, to see if it’s going to be a good client/ trainer fit. After I met him, I felt more confident to move forward. Lyonel specializes in functional movement and does not isolate your muscles in training. He uses the body as a cohesive whole. That’s how we function! I couldn’t drive in my car longer than 15 minutes without my hips aching like crazy and I was starting to feel fatigued and unmotivated. I have exercised all my life… Fast forward 5 months into training and I feel better than I have in 5 years!!! ALL aches and pain ARE GONE, I have renewed vitality, energy and enthusiasm. I feel strong and INSPIRED. Aging is inevitable but you don’t have to take it lying down!!! Seeing is believing…come on down and see what we do in here. See who we are and what we can do… you’ll be AMAZED.
Yefe Soriano
Yefe Soriano
You’ll be working out in a gym, but it’s not really a gym Lyonel runs. He honestly sort of ruined normal gym chains for me; I’ll never get from there what I get here. It was the first time I was able to work out for 4 months straight without having to tap out due to body pains in a really long time; he and his squad’s got eagle eyes on your form and they’re not going to hold back on letting you know and making you fix it. Oh and if you’re looking for easy workouts, maybe look elsewhere. They make you move right while also really testing how far you can go. Worth the investment, nice work Lyonel 👍
Kimberly Chenot
Kimberly Chenot
I know the owner he comes into my restaurant a lot.super classy motivated friendly guy! My 17 year old son is on a bad path at the moment he said to bring him in and he will help mentor him and help with all aspects ! I can't wait to go!!!!
Giancarlo Caputi
Giancarlo Caputi
Training at LyonStrong the past 4 months now has been an amazing experience. Lyon and the team have created a great safe space for working hard and achieving results that are sustainable and pain-free. I myself have seen growth physically in a literal sense as well as in the quality of my movements. I’m excited to see the further improvements to come from training at LyonStrong!
Lowell Williams
Lowell Williams
The work is tailored to individual needs. Correcting bad habits and inefficient body movements. Strength is built through use of the body as opposed repeat reps of weightlifting. Most exercises require use of and strengthens your core.
Kool Renovations
Kool Renovations
Lyonel is such a terrific trainer! Lyon has in depth knowledge and customizes plans for each individual he works with. His level of commitment to help individuals reach their goals is admirable. Lyon is always entertaining so his classes never have a dull moment. All the staff are super motivating and will push you to be the best.

Are you ready to be a success story?

Inspiring Journeys to Success


Peter is an Attorney, and he’s going to be 70 years old in July. He’s been working with me for just about 5 years. Peter says he does not feel 70 years old… but he did when he first came in 5 years ago! Now he feels like he’s 56. 😊

Peter says he first came to LyonStrong kicking and screaming. He had knee surgery about 8 years before he joined LyonStrong. The surgeon told him he was in horrible shape, and it was going to take years off of his life if he didn’t begin strength training. And Peter thought, yeah what does he know! So he kept on doing his cardio, but he got worse and worse at it because of injuries. During that time, Terry, his wife, signed up with Lyonel to start training, and she also signed Peter up. He thought he would go for the initial sessions to see what he can pick up from it and then do the sit-ups and push-ups himself.


Lory Gonzalez is 49 years old. She is a nurse practitioner, diabetes nurse educator. And she works in a pediatric endocrinology office at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital.

2 years ago, Lyonel popped up in her Facebook feed. A lot of the things Lyonel said resonated with her. She never really felt a connection at the other gyms she had been going to. She was just another body there going in and doing her thing but wasn’t motivated to go. When she stopped going, she said she was pissed that they kept charging her even though she wasn’t even going. Looking back she can laugh about it now. But she admits that it wasn’t the smartest decision.

She then decided to check LyonStrong out. She texted Lyonel and made an appt. That whole positive energy that she got from the Facebook feed and everything she read was triply intensified with the energy that she felt the first day she walked into LyonStrong. She felt really comfortable telling him her story – she even remembers crying. 😪

She is in a caring profession where she cares for everybody but is the last one to feed her soul. So when she joined LyonStrong, her purpose was to be loyal to herself. That’s what brought her to LyonStrong. Her parents helped her pay for the membership because she was just fired from her job. They told her to do whatever she needed to do because they needed her here and to be healthy for a long time. So she decided to make it work. LyonStrong really helped her during a very difficult time in her life.


Eileen Machin is 45 yrs old. She is married to Javier Machin – they’ve been together for 19 years. She has a step-son that is 21 years old, 2 daughters, that are 13 and 16 years old, a black lab who is 6 yrs old and a Cockatiel they found in front of their home almost a year ago.

Before having her firstborn in 2003, she worked in advertising for 10 years. She stopped working to raise her daughter and then opened up her business as a virtual assistant in 2006. She gave birth to her second daughter in 2007. Within that time she was also a personal cook for 3 years until her daughter started kindergarten. Then she gained an awesome international insurance broker as her main client for 5 years until he retired.


Karla is about to turn 50 years old! Happy Birthday, Karla!! 🎈

She is a Systems Engineer for Miami Dade County. She describes herself as a mother, a grandmother, a wife, and a pain in the ass on occasion. 😏

Karla has spent years trying different plans, diets and exercises. She even tried crossfit one time and threw up. She felt like she couldn’t take it. Then one day she was on Facebook, and Lyonel came up, and she was like, “hmmmmm, okay”. So she called and made an appointment. Then she told her son about it, who happens to be a crossfit instructor.

Her son started laughing and said, “Mom, he’s a badass. He’s gonna kick your ass! You’re not gonna last a week! This isn’t Mickey Mouse. This isn’t the class you took with me.” Karla replied, “ok, I’m gonna give it a try. It says that if I win, I get my money back. I’m gonna get my money back!”


Lynn is 64 years old. She has no children, but gets to torture her 6 grand nieces and finally, her grand nephew. She works at an office on her ass all day long (those are her words, not mine). 😄 She will be retiring when she turns 65 yrs old in October. She plans to travel in an RV, which is why she initially went to LyonStrong. She wants to be strong enough to handle that RV on her own. While flexing, she says, “I need to bulk up!” 💪

While scrolling on Facebook one day, Lynn found an ad from LyonStrong. She made an appointment, but then cancelled it right away because she doesn’t like gyms. She feels that gyms are large, unfriendly, and intimidating. A month later, she sees the ad on her Facebook feed again. She thought to herself, before I make an appointment, let me see if I can find this place. So she scouted it out and found Grit. She sent an e-mail right away, but the e-mail went to Grit instead of LyonStrong. She was finally able to make an appointment. She then started receiving the annoying appointment reminders, as she describes it, and she would reply, “Yes, I’m coming! I’m coming!!” When she received the final reminder, she replied, ” I’ll be there with bells on!!!”


Lyonel started inspiring Raquel over a year and half ago when she walked into the gym. The reason she walked in was because she had everything set to go to get gastric bypass surgery because she needed to improve her health and didn’t think she had any other options. Raquel says, “All I had to do was schedule the date for the surgery but I was hesitant to do it, and then some crazy ad showed up on my Facebook page, and I figured I’d make the call because I wanted to find a different way besides surgery. I showed up here, and you (Lyonel) changed my life – you really have!”


Amy is 61 years old. She’s been working with me for 2 1/2 years, and I couldn’t be happier!

Before coming to LyonStrong, she was retired for a year, and during that time, she had some injuries and was very inactive. But once she started feeling better, she thought to herself: “There is no excuse not to try to improve and get stronger”. She had all the time in the world, and there was no reason for her not to get started in a workout program somewhere. She happened to see LyonStrong’s advertisement on Facebook, and she made the phone call 2 1/2 years ago! 😄


Melissa felt like it was hard in the beginning since she hadn’t worked out in so long. The timing for her wasn’t the best, but it ended up being good because it got her back into working out. Even though initially she hated going, there was no way she wasn’t going to finish the 6 week challenge she had signed up for. It was a great decision she made, now she can’t see herself not being a part of LyonStrong.

Melissa says, “I was searching for something, but I didn’t know what, but just seeing it and then coming in and doing it, was the best thing… because I’m still here, and I don’t plan on going anywhere.”

Since she’s been coming to LyonStrong she feels like she has more energy, she feels better, she’s lost weight, she’s stronger. Overall she feels better and happier.


Margaret has made an incredible transformation. She’s been working with me for about 2 1/2 years, and I couldn’t be more honored!
Margaret is a cancer survivor, but had a recurrence when she moved to Miami from Fort Lauderdale and had to undergo treatments again in her late 80s. She also has Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), a heart condition that causes your heart to beat much faster than normal. When this happens, the upper and lower heart chambers don’t work together which causes shortness of breath and not enough blood and oxygen to pump through the veins. The doctors tried to manage it with medication, but it didn’t work, so she had an operation to try to fix it but that didn’t work either. She says, physically, she was down in the basement.


Smiley, as she likes to be called, is 46 years old. She is a medical staff specialist at Baptist Health South Florida, and she is a “NaNa” of 4! She’s been working with me for 1 year and 3 months, and I couldn’t be more proud of her hustle.
At that point, she made a decision to change. She tried every fad, diet, and diet pill out there, but nothing was working. Then an ad kept coming up while scrolling on Facebook, as if it knew she was trying to lose weight, but she ignored it the first time around. Then it came up again, like if it was saying, “Hello, don’t ignore me!” So then she said to herself, Let me just click on this thing and see what it’s about. It was a 6 week challenge offered by LyonStrong, and she thought, Ok, 6 weeks couldn’t be that bad. So she put her information in, and was contacted the next day. She set up an appointment and met with Lyonel 2 days later. She had to come back a second day to continue her consultation because she had to leave earlier than planned the first day and there was still a lot of information to go over. She officially started the next day, and didn’t think she was going to make it 2 weeks but she had to at least try.


Terry is 68 years old. She is the oldest of 7 kids. Terry convinced her mom, Margaret, to join the club, so to speak. So now she is one of Lyonel’s clients as well. (We will be spotlighting her soon.)

Terry and Peter MacNamara have been together for 50 years, and have been married for 42 years. They have 2 children together. Their children are grown. They are both lawyers, and married to nice people.

Terry is also a lawyer and was in practice for almost 40 years. For decades, while she was working full-time, she did pro bono work as a commercial litigator in a law firm for what was then called the Miami Art Museum, and is now the Perez Art Museum. Five years ago, the museum asked her to come in house full time and leave private practice, which is what she did. She recently celebrated her 5th year anniversary at the Perez Art Museum as general counsel.. her dream job!


Ralph has made incredible progress. He’s been working with me for about 2 and a half years, and I couldn’t be more proud!

Ralph is 70 years old and originally from South Africa. He’s been living in the US for 45 years and he feels that it is the best thing that has happened for him and his wife. He is a retired Travel Agent who specialized in Safaris to Africa. He volunteers at South Miami Hospital and Miami International Airport where he runs the military lounge. Life has been good for Ralph and “very very delicious.”

About 2 1/2 years ago, Ralph was recommended to LyonStrong by one of his wife’s co-workers at South Miami Hospital. She was a member of the gym at that time. He sees her periodically around the hospital and tells her how grateful he is that she introduced him to Lyonel.


Susan Clark is 54 years old. She is a native Floridian.. actually, a native Miamian. 😄She has been a “stay-at-home domestic goddess” for 28 years now, and she is a calligrapher by hobby.

Susan had just lost her mother after being her primary care taker for many years. She had picked up some bad habits like smoking and just wasn’t exercising like she had been before. She used to do half marathons and training, but she let that all go for at least a year while she had cared for her mother. Susan was feeling a little low.

While scrolling on Facebook one night, she found a fitness challenge and felt like it was a message, so she called the number and spoke to Lyonel – she was thankful that Lyonel gave her so much time. She told him all about her dirty little secrets, like the smoking, which she was embarrassed about. Lyonel told her to come by the gym so that they can chat some more in person. And that’s when she signed up for the challenge.

A Closer Look: Client Experiences with LYONSTRONG


My name is Cristina, I also go by Queen of Hearts. I’ve been in the medical field for a long time, but I’ve gone now into consulting – specifically, change management consulting. And I’m currently on a journey to love myself at every stage of my weight loss, but also to get my body to where it needs to be and stop playing with my potential. I have known Lyonel, the fearless leader of LyonStrong for quite some time. We met back in our Crossfit days. Well, MY Crossfit days. I’m sure he still has them. Back in those days, I was Powerlifting, Olympic Weight lifting. Basically overcompensating in picking up really heavy stuff and putting it down at my lack of cardio and my hatred for cardio. Yes, I was good in certain parts, but I wasn’t working towards my ideal healthy self.
For those of you who think that you can’t do it or are afraid, don’t be, if I can do it, anybody can. It has been six months since I’ve been working with Lyonel and I can honestly say that this is the best shape that I have been in my entire life! My body has changed so much these past few months that I still can’t believe that it’s me. I actually have shape and muscles! Just today I showed him my arms and he was speechless. Just being able to do that makes me proud; answering that ad was one of the best decisions I have ever made. What he told me in the beginning is true, put in the work and no excuses and you will see results. Which is what happened and is still happening. I’ve learned and grown so much working with him and I’m excited to continue to work on my fitness journey.
This is the best gym ever! I never want to leave.
Only today, I realized that my six weeks challenge was over, I did not want it to end!! it was the most amazing journey I ever lived!! After many fancy gyms, lots of yoyo diets and totally unhealthy foods, I learned that there is noting like the LyonStrong program. Thanks to the delicious foods I could prepare at home, the workouts at the gym and the incredibly professional guide and dedication from Lyonel, I am stronger, healthier and happier. My knees, elbows and body are working almost normal!! Today I will start another six weeks challenge for the rest of my life. If I did it I am sure you all can do it!! Just follow the instructions by the book, and the results will be there. My life totally changed to the best place it could be. Thank you Lyonel, Antuan, Dani and Cedrick for all your help and care about my well being.
Lyonel is great! The program helped motivate me to finally lose the weight I wanted to lose and actually develop good habits for eating and working out.
LyonStrong is an amazing gym, and in many ways much more, with a great group of people who not only support and encourage you. I conquered the 6 week challenge, and feel so much better, both physically and mentally. With the right tools to help me reach my goals (and a tasty diet plan), everyone worked just as hard as I did to help me reach my goals. I can’t recommend, or thank, them enough.
I took the free 6 week challenge and lost more than the set goal of 15 pounds!! The food was great and had easy to follow recipes. The staff was very kind as well as knowledgeable. If you’re willing to push yourself and want to work with some good folks, I’d recommend working with Lyonel, and his team (Antuan & Robert).
I just finished the 6 week challenge and it was amazing,.. the recipes, workouts, coaches, and overall vibe of the gym. I’ve learned and acheived so much in just 6 weeks. I thank Lyonel for the opportunity, his knowledge, and kindness. This is only the beginning!
Loving LyonStrong! ? Atmosphere is amazing & the people make you feel like family. The workouts are always challenging & different ?
If it wasn’t for Lyonel and the amazing group environment he has created in his gym, I don’t think I could have continued on my healthy lifestyle change on my own. Not only is he a knowledgeable fitness coach but he is a great nutritional coach. Every day is a fitness challenge. He will push and motivate you to limits you didn’t think were possible. No matter what changes you need to make in your life, health, diet, or mental sanity, this is the place to go! Great judge free zone with amazing supportive coaches and peers. Absolutely love getting LyonStrong!!
Decided to join the gym to get wedding ready and now I’m worried my dress won’t fit because of how fast I’ve been reaching my goals! Workouts are interactive, fun and challenging! You feel a great sense of achievement once you finish them! The gym feels like family and everyone is so nice and welcoming. Coach Lyonel is 5+ stars!
Working out has never been my thing, but with Lyonel, he keeps it fresh and new. He is always there to motivate you and insure that you are doing the movements correctly. You are number one in my book.
…and then I loved it more when I was DONE!! And we keep coming back for more
Amazing trainer with great workouts! You’ll sweat your butt off here, seriously! They play hype music to pump you up and the team is very friendly.
I have never felt like I feel today. I have accomplished amazing things with the help of an amazing coach and this amazing place. I love it and I can’t wait for more. Thank you. You have to sign in!
Personalized attention! Always changing! Results driven! Worth it!
Love this place! Great workouts every time I go. Lyonel is very knowledgeable and patient. I feel like I’m making a difference after each workout.
New year, new me! At the recommendation of my husband (who has known Lyonel for a while) and chiropractor, I came to LyonStrong to get strong and healthy, despite my lifelong battle with weight and hating the gym. But this is not just any gym. Lyonel gives one on one attention and works with you whatever level/experience you are — no pressure to compete or compare yourself to others. He pushes you when you need it and supports you unconditionally….I love Lyonel!
The best one hour workout!! You come in not knowing what to expect. The coach and his staff are awesome, always willing to help! Impossible to leave there without feeling better about yourself!!
Lyonel has an awesome attitude and is highly knowledgeable on many styles of training and how to combined them!
At LyonStrong you get LionStrong ??. Lyonel makes sure your moving well and get the strength you need for a healthy life. Every workout is different, that makes time fly by. Just come and have a look, than what you see is what you get.
Well what can I say about this guy!!! I know Lyonel for 3 years, very humble and down to earth human being!! He’s the one who got me on this health and fitness journey that I like everyday more and more. I feel amazing and I have seen a lot changes on my body since the first time I start training with him. Training with Lyonel is very dynamic and out of the ordinary, everybody needs to try it. #lyonstrong #dontstopthegrind


LyonStrong is a great place to get back in balance with your true weight. The trainer is professional amd will help you accomplish your goals.​


I never thought i could do this but the trainers are awesome, the personal attention is inspiring. I am seeing results and it’s motivating.


My name is Curt Conway, I read Lyonel’s ad on Facebook and came in for a consultation. It wasn’t good news. My body was full of visceral fat.. hard and compacted around my organs. A literal death threat. Lyonel convinced me to take a chance on myself.. he claimed I was a star waiting to be reignighted.


I’m in the middle of week 4 in the 6 week challenge. I have more energy, more motivation, every aspect of my life has been positively impacted. I’m more focused at work, am a more attentive wife, and am able to be present with my daughter. Thanks guys! I feel great ?


Thank you Lyonel for reminding me I am worth it and I CAN DO THIS! I am eternally grateful to Lyonel and everyone I have met who have joined this life changing challenge.


After not working out for years, I finally decided to come to lyonel and I dont regret it one bit. He helped me in so many ways to learn what to eat and not to eat and helped me reach my goal weight in a fun way. Highly recommend!


Came in feeling awkward and doubting myself but 4 weeks into the challenge I’m walking taller and my confidence is off the charts…So grateful for taking the leap and doing the work…”Do the work and you get results” I’m a believer… Thanks for all the encouragement and positive support ?


Lyonel is an amazing trainer and better person. His staff is top of the line. I don’t have enough words to compliment Lyonel and his team. If you need a change on your life, don’t look any further. I testify to that!


Began as a gym member, and also completed the 6 week meal plan. The program overall finally helped me form healthy habits for eating and exercise.


Great facility!! Great people. Awesome facility to train. Now I know were to train every time I come to Miami. Thanks Lyonel Lumarque for hosting the True Mace Certification!!. Hope to see you soon!!


I am so happy that I came across Lyonel’s 6 week challenge on Facebook and will continue with the gym membership. I still have a long way to go in my fitness journey…but I am glad that Lyonel and his staff will be there to help me every step of the way!


Lyonel is a great trainer and an amazing person. He is there pushing you and supporting you every step of the way. Not only is he a great trainer but he is also there to listen to you and talk to you about other aspects of your life that may be affecting you.


LyonStrong 4 life ??️‍♀️ Not like anything else out there, seriously; you’re not dying at the end and you can see the progress when putting in the work!!! Thanks LyonStrong!


AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. This is unlike any gym I’ve ever been to. I was extremely nervous when I first walked in, but the stress cleared as I was greeted with enthusiasm, compassion and care. The trainers are knowledgeable and make everything very easy to understand. Do yourself a favor and come in for a tour and you’ll see what I mean. VERY PLEASED!


Lyonel, Antuan, and colleagues are friendly, caring, warm, and very helpful. After eight weeks, I lost weight, transformed my diet towards healthy foods, gained muscle, and feel better and energized. I lost inches off my belly, arms, legs, waist, and people say I look great!


Finding this gym has been a true blessing to my life! Everyone is so kind and treats you like family. The work outs are designed to help you move correctly and make you stronger. Lyonel works with you on your specific goals and helps you not just reach them, but maintain them. I am excited to see where I will be in a year physically and mentally!!


RESULTS, RESULTS, and more RESULTS! Highly recommend!


When I finally decided to begin my journey to wellness, I couldn’t have picked a better trainer. His passion and dedication to creating a motivating workout keeps me coming back. The small classes are a plus too!


One of kind trainer!!! dedicated, passionate, committed, encourager! Knows his craft! Takes his time to create the best work out for you as an individual! It’s been a life changing experience! Hard work pays off!


After talking extensively with Lyonel about his training experience and background at the Vintage Strength Mace & Club Certification that he hosted at his gym, I was genuinely impressed. Believe me, after having been in the world of fitness for quite a while, not many coaches impress me at all. Lyonel’s level of knowledge and expertise are exceptional!

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