Before working with anyone, Lyonel requires you to take an in depth assessment. Together, you will understand exactly what’s going on physically, if and how he can help you. Whether you end up working with LyonStrong or not, you’ll leave this assessment with a preliminary plan to start feeling better immediately. 

It takes 1.5 – 2 hours and consists of 3 phases that can be done virtually or in person:

  • Phase #1 is Movement – we’ll examine your gait, posture while sitting & standing, have you perform common movements and discuss where you’re experiencing pain if and when you do them. You’ll leave this phase with an understanding of what’s going on, why and the adjustments to make that will cause immediate relief you can use from this day forward. 
  • Phase #2 is Mind – this includes discussing lifestyle habits, nutrition, exercises, and a deeper look into your history. We’ll also discuss your strengths, weaknesses and mindset in general. You’ll leave immediately knowing which areas to prioritize for the biggest, fastest impact and your best next steps with or without Lyonel. 
  • Phase #3 is Body Assessment – we’ll measure your body’s water, muscle, body fat, identify muscle mass imbalances that are affecting your body and other issues you probably don’t realize are causing you pain. After this final phase, you’ll have a clear plan of what to do to feel better ASAP. 

If it’s a fit then Lyonel and the team will know with absolute certainty how to help you without guesswork at the end of this assessment. If it’s not a fit, you’ll still leave with a powerful, custom-to-you plan of action to feel better with information you won’t find from any other fitness professional. 

Interested in the assessment? Book a session here for a quick 15 minute chat first. 

Please note: There is $500 investment for the in depth assessment.