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5 snack ideas to keep you on track

By October 12, 2023No Comments

👉It’s time to break free from the snack attack cycle!

First, let’s acknowledge a few facts:

  • Being tempted by not-so-healthy snacks is NOT a sign of weakness (it happens to even the most disciplined people sometimes!)
  • Ultra-processed foods are specifically DESIGNED to be crave-able
  • It’s SO MUCH easier to make a snack choice that supports your goals if you have something healthy on hand to munch on

You’ve probably already heard a ton of snack swap suggestions (i.e., “swap your cookies for grapes”).

And they are all solid suggestions. But I’ve got 5 ideas to help mix up your snack game!

1. Seaweed Strips: Forget about potato chips, seaweed strips are crunchy, salty, satisfying, and packed with minerals like iodine which supports thyroid health. Find them in the Asian food section at your grocery store.

2. Sweet Potato Toasts: Sweet potato toasts are a delicious swap for your regular bread. Slice, toast, and top them with your favorite sandwich fillings for a vitamin A-rich, gluten-free, sweet-and-savory treat. 

3. Roasted Chickpeas: These little treats are another swap for when you want something crunchy. They are good sources of fiber and protein – plus they contain folate, antioxidants, B group vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium. 

4. Avocado Chocolate Mousse: Talk about a decadent swap for the next time you want ice cream! The biggest challenge in making this recipe is waiting until it’s chilled before diving into it! 

Roughly chop ¼ avocado and place it in a high-speed blender and process until smooth. Add 1 tsp each cocoa powder and maple syrup, 2 tsp coconut cream, and 2 Tbsp melted dark chocolate, and blend until smooth and mousse-like. Scrape out of the blender into a serving dish and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before eating.

5. Jerky: This is a great choice when you want something chewy. There are tons of different types of jerky on the market now – from mushroom and seaweed to beef and turkey. Just be sure to scour the label to make sure it’s made from simple, recognizable ingredients and is low in salt and sugar.

These swaps are a tasty alternative to traditional snacks… but also pack a nutrient punch and will help keep you fueled and on track.

Remember: planning ahead of time can help you break the snack attack cycle! Having healthy options on-hand is the key. 🔑

Happy snacking!

Lyonel Lumarque

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