Your top tip for becoming a successful biohacker? Experiment with ONE new method, food, supplement, or other variable at a time.

If you change too many things at once and get a boost (or a downturn) in your results … how do you know what caused it?

Example: let’s say you start drinking a new superfood greens drink every morning … at the same time you switch your workouts from night to morning.

Or you start intermittent fasting and cut back on cardio at the same time … or you go on a major kick and switch EVERYTHING up all at once. 

Suddenly, you notice your energy level changes, either it goes through the roof or you can’t make it till 8 o’clock without your eyelids starting to droop.

How do you know what to credit or blame? 

A simple way to start biohacking is to find your ultimate breakfast or lunch. Experiment with different meals for a few days to find out what keeps you feeling full and energized the longest.

I intentionally experimented to find my perfect breakfast for a busy, action-packed morning. The result: I found that eating a “real” meal (something I normally eat for dinner – protein & carb & veggie) kept me going longer than my normal oatmeal.

It sounds like a small thing, but it makes a HUGE difference in my day!

If you’re looking for that “next-level” edge, one of your most effective strategies is to work with an experienced coach. 

The right coach can help you uplevel your basics for incredible results … 

… and then layer in some tried-and-true “extras” that’ll have everyone asking you what you’re doing differently.

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