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Mindful eating 101

By November 22, 2021No Comments

A while ago I slipped into a not-so-mindful habit … I was multitasking while I was eating. And by that I mean, I wasn’t paying attention to the food going into my mouth and instead was focused on my phone.

I know I am not alone in this. 

It’s something most of us do almost daily. We do it to save time, keep ourselves entertained, and just out of habit.

But when I realized what was happening – I made a really important connection with my new “habit” and my wellness.

That’s because when I was distracted, I barely NOTICED or TASTED anything I was eating.

When you consider that it takes about 20 minutes for our bodies to send “I’m full” cues to your brain, you can quickly see how easy it is to overeat.

Not to mention you end up ignoring how the food makes you FEEL – physically and emotionally.

Plus, instead of eating because we’re hungry, we can start to rely on outside cues like our emotions or because we see or smell tasty foods. 

Or even because it’s a certain time (think dessert after dinner even when you’re full), or for entertainment’s sake, or to relieve boredom or other emotions.

This is where mindful eating comes in. 

Basically, it’s simply slowing down and really paying attention when you eat.

Here are the basics. Just pick one meal and:

  • Turn off the TV and put your phone out of reach.
  • Eat slowly, taking time to chew and taste each bite.
  • Focus on how your body feels with each bite.
  • Stop eating when you’re full.
  • And also, before and after you eat, note – without judgment – whether you are truly hungry, and whether what you just ate benefits your health, goals, and your well-being.

When you start to tune in, you’ll probably notice that your habits and food preferences begin to change …

and you’ll begin to make choices that help you feel better and reach your goals faster.

You don’t have to do this with EVERY meal. Just start with one a day and see what happens.

To get something different, you have to DO something different! 

At LyonStrong, we know that stepping out of your comfort zone (even just a tiny step!) can feel UNcomfortable. 

We’ve got you covered. We have built-in support and accountability … along with our proven plan to help make your journey faster and easier… and FUN. 

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Live today with intention,

Lyonel Lumarque