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  • My client started training for triathlons
  • Everyone in his life thought he was having a midlife crisis
  • He heard it so often he even started wondering that himself
  • On the day of his first tri, he was super nervous and started to think he’d made a big mistake — and was even thinking of going home
  • A man came up to him at the starting gate and said something that changed his mindset completely

“Want to know what my favorite number is?” the man asked him. 

“It’s the number of people who told me I was crazy for doing this.” 

Then the race-starting air horn blasted and the guy took off. 

And my client was left standing there, thinking: WOW, he’s right!

The whole reason he’d decided to do a triathlon was BECAUSE it was different, challenging, and uncomfortable — way outside his comfort zone. 

Now it was time to prove himself right… and the doubters wrong.

And (you guessed it) not only did he finish that triathlon — he competed in another, and another after that! And now those doubters are his cheerleaders!

Just something to keep in mind as you’re setting those 2024 goals!

Don’t be afraid to stretch out of your comfort zone. 

“The sooner you step away from your comfort zone you’ll realize that it really wasn’t all that comfortable.” — Eddie Harris, Jr.

Sometimes the BEST reason to do something is simply to prove to yourself that you can. (And maybe those doubters, too.)

Committed to Your Success,

Lyonel Lumarque


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