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It’s SO IMPORTANT to have a plan to manage stress before it manages you. 

I came across this list of 6 different kinds of stress a while ago and thought it was eye-opening. 

Since most of us deal with more than one kind of stress at a time, you can see how it really adds up!

  1. Physical stress: bad night of sleep, being sick, hungry, or injured
  2. Mental stress: rough day at work, too many decisions to make, overwhelmed
  3. Emotional stress: feeling guilty, grief, anger, hate, frustration
  4. Social stress: disagreements with others, feeling lonely, etc.
  5. Existential stress: feeling hopeless, wondering what it all means, etc.
  6. Environmental stress: loud noises, unsafe surroundings, hot or cold temperatures, stuck in traffic, etc.

Creating a lifestyle that helps you prevent and manage those stresses will help you become more resilient – and can stop stress from getting in the way of your goals.

PLUS: the same steps that help you manage stress will also move you CLOSER to your fitness goals.

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Exercise and being active
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Practicing stress management techniques that work with you (yoga, breathing exercises, etc.)

Make time for YOU today! You deserve it.

Committed to your health,

Lyonel Lumarque

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