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These junk foods are keeping you stuck

By August 11, 2022No Comments

The #1 thing – not mindset-related – that stops people from reaching their fitness & health goals is … drumroll …

Eating ultra-processed foods. 

By that I mean:

  • frozen or prepared meals, instant noodles, and soups
  • baked goods, (pizza, cake, cookies, packaged bread, etc.)
  • processed cheese products, ice cream, candy
  • breakfast cereals
  • chips, crackers, and other packaged snacks
  • processed meats (sausages, fish fingers, chicken nuggets, processed ham)
  • sodas & other sugary drinks

If you have serious fitness goals, these foods are NOT your friends (even if they fit your macros).

Not only do these food products contain less fiber, vitamins, and minerals than whole (unprocessed) foods … 

But they also contain unhealthy added sugars, fats, and salt.

AND: they are engineered to make you want to eat MORE than you would if you were eating whole foods. 

Because of all of the chemicals they use to make you CRAVE ultra-processed foods, it’s tough to break out of the cycle.

A selection of processed food and drink on a white background including pIzza, cola, buscuits and sausage rolls

Not good. 

But that’s just the start of it.

  • One study of more than 100,000 adults found that eating 10% more processed foods was linked with a 10+% increase in heart disease and stroke.
  • Another study of 20,000 adults found that eating more than 4 servings of these foods a day was directly linked with an increased risk of all-cause mortality. For each extra serving, that risk increased by 18%.
  • Plus, they are linked with gaining weight, which is linked with diabetes, heart disease, and a whole bunch of other ailments and diseases.

Your amazing body deserves nourishing food. Not junk.

Especially if you want it to perform at a high level! (And I know you do!)

It can take some time and patience to retrain your tastebuds, but it’s definitely worth it.

If you are looking to take the next step in your fitness we’re here to help. Click HERE to schedule a call with me.

Make it a successful day,

Lyonel Lumarque