Your mission: feeling ahead of all your goals when 2023 makes its grand entrance!

These 6 simple steps (that you can start doing RIGHT NOW) go a long way toward keeping your momentum up.

And even better: you’ll feel AMAZING along the way. 

  1. PREPARE! When your schedule is wonky or extra-busy, it’s more important than ever to PLAN AHEAD. Basically, it boils down to this:
    If you fly by the seat of your pants for the next few weeks, they might not zip up so easily by the end of the year! 
    Plan your meals … block in your workouts … and make time for some self-care!
  2. SKIP THE SUGAR & OTHER EMPTY CALORIES. This will get you off the blood sugar and junk food roller coaster. Your energy levels will stabilize and your digestive system will thank you, too.
    Yes, you should enjoy the “worth it” treats over the holidays, but pass on the ones you don’t even really want — but would eat “because they are there.”
  3. DON’T OVER CAFFEINATE. A little caffeine will get you going, but too much will leave you feeling wired, anxious, and grouchy, plus it can give you headaches and stomachaches. PLUS: a few hours later it can make you even MORE tired and it can mess with your sleep. Speaking of which …
  4. GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Make room in your schedule for a solid 7-8 hours of sleep every night! And then make your bedroom as restful as possible (dark, quiet, cool, etc.). This will keep your mood and energy up … and your appetite in check, since lack of sleep can do a real number on your hunger hormones.
  5. BE ACTIVE. Sitting around all day can be a real energy zapper — and it can also lead to stiff and achy muscles. Get up and move throughout the day and schedule your workouts ahead of time.
  6. HYDRATE! You already know this, but make it a point to get 8-11 glasses of water a DAY. Everything works better when you’re hydrated. 

Put that list on repeat over the next couple of months and you’ll sail through the holidays feeling awesome!

And if you’re struggling to stay on track? 

Our LyonStrong program gives you the step-by-step guidance and accountability you need to achieve your health and fitness goals without pain or injury.

It’s already helped hundreds of people become pain free, and it’s available to you, too. 

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Committed to your success,

Lyonel Lumarque

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