• Infuser Water Bottle: These water bottles have little holders inside so you can add fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, etc., to your water, to give it more flavor.
  • Yoga Socks: These socks are comfy and cozy even if you don’t do yoga — plus, their non-slip soles can help prevent falls.
  • Cookbook: Yes, there are millions of recipes available online. But there’s nothing like getting inspired by a good old-fashioned cookbook with tested, tried, and delicious recipes.

    A couple of healthy ideas: For the “edgy” person on your list, Thug Kitchen’s cookbook; for the busy person, The Easy Healthy 5-Ingredient Cookbook.
  • Crafting Kit: Help your gift recipient destress and get in touch with their inner artist with a crafting kit that contains everything they need to master a new skill.

There are a TON of these on the market now featuring everything from crochet to papermaking and more!

  • Digital Jump Rope: This can help them get an old-school workout with a modern twist. These ropes tally up skips, helping users track their progress.
  • Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags: These are eco-friendly and perfect for storing snacks or pre-portioned meals.
  • Herbal Tea Sampler: Give them a mix of teas that can help pep them up (like green tea), calm them down (chamomile or lavender), or boost their immunity (like ginger).
  • Magnetic Poetry: This fun gift features magnetized tiles with words on one side so your giftee can create stories, quotes, or poems on their fridge or desk.
    Look for a kit with a motivational, calming, or funny theme!
  • Sleep Mask with Bluetooth Headphones  These headphones combine rest and entertainment. It’s great for listening to calming music or guided meditations without the discomfort of regular earbuds.
  • Gift Certificate: If you know someone who would love a new experience — like a soak tank or salt cave session — or to [low-barrier offer to one of your services: get a fitness assessment/try group training], give them a gift certificate!

Hope this helps you get that shopping finished! 🙂 

Committed to your success,

Lyonel Lumarque


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